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A variety of casters caster wheel axle

- May 27, 2017 -

A kind of floor fan caster, including plastic shell, ball, ball. The invention is characterized in that the plastic shell has a round inner steel ball, and the ball is in a circle at the outer circumference of the caster, and a plurality of corners are arranged in the upper direction and the holes in the chassis are inserted into the butt joint. The utility model is simple, convenient and practical, and can reduce the cost of the fan. A castor which can be assembled on a sewing machine, a vehicle and other apparatus for driving displacement and driving in the room and exterior. In order to accommodate the rotation of the wheel in operation, the known bearing is limited to the axle itself and the wheel Function, improved to make the axle longitudinal rotation will also horizontal rotation. For this reason, the bearings of the right (left) wing are replaced by a pair of bearings that are left in the left (right) wing of the bracket, instead of the axle in the swivel. Horizontal swing 45 degrees of the cylindrical shaft groove, so that the wheel in the run will be able to obey the wheel of the orientation, for advance and retreat, left and right rotation of the movement. A trolley caster, comprising a wheel, a wheel frame, a steering bearing, a wheel pivot in a wheel frame, a steering bearing through a pivot on a wheel frame, the caster further comprising a pad, May pass through the perforations of the pivot, the pad through the pivot on the wheel and above the steering bearing. The caster mounted on the trolley, the pad can be turned to the bearing block so that the steel bowl will not lift up, debris is not easy to enter the steering bearings, steel and steel balls will not occur the phenomenon of card and wear , And the caster does not occur with the trolley base off the situation.

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