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caster applications

- Aug 01, 2017 -

Mainly used for furniture home application, trolleys and Mobile scaffold, Workshop van etc.
       The simplest invention is the most important, caster also have this special character. The development degree of city economy is in proportion to
how many casters will this city use. like Shanghai
BeijingTianjinChongqingWuxiChengduXi'anWuhan,GuangzhouDongguanShenzhen Etc.
       The structure of Caster is installing single wheel on the support, this structure can make equipment to move freely.
       A, The fixed caster and the wheel in the fixed support, can only move in a straight line.
       B, The removable caster and the wheel on the support which can 360 degrees to spin, this two kinds caster type can move to any direction.






A固定脚轮 固定支架配上单轮,只能沿直线移动。   

B活动脚轮 360度转向的支架配上单轮,能随意向任何方向行驶。   

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