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Casters Test - Shock Test

- May 27, 2017 -

Any goods due to the delivery, use, preservation and other conditions will likely produce a collision vibration but the product in a period of time to produce bad or even can not be used, furniture because of its own type, weight and other characteristics are often vulnerable to impact, and at the bottom of the decision whether the furniture placed Smooth casters should have a better impact resistance. European casters test standards in the impact test method is: the caster vertical back to install on the ground test platform, the quality of 5KG (± 2%) of the weight from the height of 200mm, allowing the deviation of ± 3mm, the location of free fall The impact of the casters of the wheel, if the two wheels should be the same time the two wheels should impact. All parts of the casters are not allowed to be separated throughout the course of the experiment. And the completion of the test after the casters of the rolling, shaft rotation or braking function should not be damaged.

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