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Nylon casters use tips

- May 27, 2017 -

Can the industrial casters be washed with boiling water? Industrial casters because the special properties of the material in the case of low temperature use may not be ideal, the proposed answer and before use in boiling water may wish to pour a poured. Why should this be done? This is the material with the caster nylon has a great relationship. Nylon casters in all plastic has a characteristic, that is, material moisture content and the strength of the material has a direct relationship. Just injection of nylon industrial casters are generally dried after the basic moisture content of 0.03% or less. And the caster dry material at this time the impact strength will be poor, the performance is relatively brittle In a certain humidity environment, the material will pass through the natural moisture, the impact strength will increase with the increase in moisture content. So in the case of low temperature, the casters of a simple hot water poured not only help to help improve the use of casters effect, but also to a certain extent, reduce friction and extend the service life of the casters, this trick you may wish to try

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