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Static load test for casters

- May 27, 2017 -

The casters should always run stably on the ground, but that is almost a purely theoretical state. On the surface of the uneven, or in the threshold, track and pit, the casters will leave the ground for a short time. So when they suddenly overload or 4 casters in three contact with the ground, you must carry the load of the entire furniture. European standard casters static load test process is the casters with screws fixed in the horizontal smooth steel test platform, along the direction of the center of gravity of the casters to apply 800N force to maintain 24H, the force after 24 hours to check the casters after the situation, after the experiment The measured deformation of the casters does not exceed 3% of the diameter of the wheel, and after the completion of the test, the rotation of the casters, shaft rotation or brake function is not damaged is qualified.

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