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The three elements of the quality of the casters

- May 27, 2017 -

Now the casters have become people's lives in the life of the helper, in all walks of life play a huge role. And as people on the quality requirements are getting higher and higher, how to ensure the quality of casters in the practical application of effective play a role in many casters business research. The first is the raw material inspection, raw materials into the factory must have complete quality proof to ensure that the quality of the material used to meet the design requirements, into the plant after the material to be re-examination (including chemical analysis of raw materials and mechanical properties of the experiment), unqualified Resolutely banned. Second, the production process to strictly control the various links, must be rigorous testing, to have a detailed inspection records and strict process supervision. Production should be a clear test and test status signs to ensure that production activities in a reasonable and orderly manner. Each process with the inspector of the inspection mark for the transfer, no logo, logo error, unqualified parts are not allowed to reverse order. The next process has the right to reject products that are not qualified. Finally, the finished product storage before a comprehensive inspection and a detailed record and product identification and traceability. Quality assurance departments should conduct regular quality analysis activities, the quality of the existence of timely quality analysis will be held in a timely manner to take effective preventive and corrective measures to deal with and timely records and archives. At the same time also have a sound customer service system, regular service, timely feedback quality information, timely improvement of product quality. Inspection instruments, instruments, etc. should be regularly calibrated to ensure that the production and testing of the use of measuring instruments, instruments used in the validity period, and to ensure its effectiveness.

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