40mm and 50mm Side Brake Ball Caster

1. ball caster for sofa; 2. with top plate; 3. 4pcs in one box, 120pcs in one carton 1. ball castor for sofa; 2. anti copper or chrome surface; 3. with side brake 1. ball caster with PU core; 2. ball diameter:40/50mm; 3. suitable for hard floor.

Product Details

 Product Description

1. ball caster for sofa;

2. with top plate;

3. 4pcs in one box, 120pcs in one carton


BP 1(001).jpg


 Product Description

1. ball castor for sofa;

2. anti copper or chrome surface;

3. with side brake


BPQ 2(001).jpg

 Product Description

1. ball caster with PU core;

2. ball diameter:40/50mm;

3. suitable for hard floor.


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