Light Duty 2 Inch 3 Inch 4 Inch 5 Inch Hard Rubber Grey Caster

1. PP core + hard rubber caster; 2. with top plate; 3. double ball bearing race to move smoothly 1. light duty hard rubber caster wheel; 2. with metal brake; 3. different top plate size for choose 1. hard rubber caster; 2. wheel diameter from 50mm to 120mm; 3. white zinc plated fork 1. 2 inch...

Product Details

 Product Description

1. PP core + hard rubber caster;

2. with top plate;

3. double ball bearing race to move smoothly

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 Product Description

1. light duty hard rubber caster wheel;

2. with metal brake;

3. different top plate size for choose

 Product Description

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1. hard rubber caster;

2. wheel diameter from 50mm to 120mm;

3. white zinc plated fork

 Product Description

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1. 2 inch grey rubber caster;

2. with metal brake;

3. lock both upper ball bearing race and wheel

 Product Description

W10SQ 2(001).jpg

1. 4 inch rubber caster;

2. fix metal fork;

3. bolt connection

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