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How To Choose The Caster

- Aug 15, 2018 -

Casters include movable and fixed casters. The movable caster is also called the swivel wheel. Its structure allows 360-degree rotation; the fixed caster has no rotating structure and cannot rotate. Usually two kinds of casters are generally used together, for example, the structure of the cart is two fixed wheels in front, and the two movable universal wheels are close to the arm behind the push arm.

How to choose the caster

Select wheel materials: first consider the use of road surface size, obstacles, residual substances (such as iron filings, grease) on the site of use, environmental conditions (such as high temperature, room temperature, or low temperature), and the weight that the wheels can carry. Decided to choose the right wheel material. For example: rubber wheels can not be acid, grease and chemicals, super polyurethane wheels, high-strength polyurethane wheels, nylon wheels, steel wheels and high temperature wheels can be applied to different special environments.

Calculating load-carrying weight: In order to be able to calculate the required load capacity of various casters, it is necessary to know the weight of the transport equipment, the maximum load, and the number of single wheels and casters used. When calculating the load of a single caster, a certain insurance factor should be given. When the ground is relatively flat, the load of a single caster is equal to (the total weight of the equipment and the number of castors installed) × 1.2 (the insurance coefficient); if the ground is not even, the algorithm is: Caster load = total weight of the equipment ÷ 3, because no matter what kind of non-flat ground, there are always at least three wheels supporting the equipment at the same time, this algorithm is equal to an increase of the insurance factor, more reliable, to prevent insufficient load bearing, resulting in greatly reduced caster life or lead to ACCIDENT.

Determine the size of wheel diameter: usually the bigger the wheel diameter is, the easier it is to push, the bigger the load capacity is, and the better it is to protect the ground from being damaged. The size of the wheel diameter should be decided first considering the weight of the load and the starting thrust of the truck under the load.

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