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How To Install The Casters In The Test Chamber

- May 27, 2017 -

First move the thermostatic and humid chamber, turn the turntable in the clockwise direction, move the base up and rotate, turn the turntable of each wheel so that the fixed base of each wheel leaves the ground to ensure that all moving rollers come to the ground. Can be convenient to move the device to the desired location; test box after unpacking equipment to install the casters, industrial casters, positioning, please press the installation space requirements, to confirm the size of each, to ensure maintenance space and open the door space. This article mainly for everyone about the installation of casters casters approach. Specific methods: 1, lifting turntable; 2, fixed base; 3, moving the wheel. Next, fix the thermostatic and humid chamber, move the box to the desired position, turn down the turntable in the counterclockwise direction, raise the moving roller, so that the fixed base is in contact with the ground, so that the box is basically fixed. At this point and then use the level meter to measure whether the level of the box. You can adjust the height of the various parts of the box by lifting the turntable, each part of the lift wheel to the appropriate position to stop the rotation, to ensure that the constant temperature and humidity box in a horizontal state.

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