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The Performance Of Industrial Casters Can Not Be Separated From The Cooperation Of Various Components

- May 27, 2017 -

With the industrial casters in the daily life of the wide range of applications, the consumer market for the development of the casters industry more and more attention. As a professional casters manufacturers, strong casters that the performance of industrial casters can not do without the cooperation of the various components, the following, we come to see the industrial casters attachments have what role? 1, anti-covered cover: to avoid and other materials winding axle and bracket and wheel clearance, so that the wheels can be flexible and free to turn. 2, support frame: installed in the transport tool surface, can make it fixed in a position on the device. 3, the seal: to avoid steering bearings or single wheel bearings into the dust, in order to maintain its lubrication, easy to flexible rotation. 4, side brake system: installed in the wheel sleeve or tire surface, hand or foot manipulation of the brake device. 5, double brake system: both can be locked to turn the wheel can also be fixed brake device. 6, steering lock: through the anti-spring latch to lock the steering bearings, the movable industrial casters can be locked as a fixed casters.

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